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A cluster is a form of association that contributes to the implementation of joint activities of the organizations that perform the same or similar jobs in a specific geographic area.

Considering the challenges, problems and needs ofthe metal industryin Vojvodina, development through the establishment of cluster would be effective and efficient solution tothe problems identified.

Vojvodina Metal Cluster -VMC, was created as an initiative of companies in the metal sectorin Vojvodina, and itis the main power and value of the cluster.

Guarantee for achieving the objectives of  VMC is support provided by local and provincial governmentsof AP Vojvodina, the Government of Serbia through the Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina, VIP Fund - Vojvodina Investment Promotion Fundand Regional Centre for Standardization and Certification. 

Companies in metal sector become members of VMC based on their own interests. By joining VMC, all members are entitled to vote as well as certain obligations and rights in accordance with the Statute ofthe cluster, for example:

  • the right to participate in programing the VMC activities;
  • the right touse the services ofthe cluster (e.g. access to various sources of funding, a workshop related services, research center services, etc.);
  • the right to vote (make suggestions and give opinions regarding the decision making, declarations and conclusions);
  • the right to initiate and participatein the realization ofthe objectives of VMC;
  • the right to elect and be elected to the management and VMC bodies;
  • to be kept informed of all important matters relating to the activities of the VMC (and to use business and other information made available by the cluster);
  • to comply with the obligations stimulated by the Statute and other general legal and other acts of the cluster;
  • commitment to actively contribute, through their work and activities, to the implementation of the aims and objectives of the cluster;
  • obligation top reserve the reputation ofthe cluster membersand the cluster it self;
  • obligation not to abuse, in their relationships with third parties, information about the decisions and activities of the cluster
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